And then we see the first glimpse of what promises to be the differential of the action scenes in this movie: antigravity. Bounty hunters come to the farm Cade and abduct the girl with a gravitational attraction, before attaching it to a network. The scene is somewhat reminiscent War of the Worlds, when Tom Cruise refuses to hand over his daughter to aliens.

As those ten minutes do not include unfinished scenes Robots - Bumblebee only in its automotive version of “threatening” the villains with Husky motor - gives you an idea of just relations among humans. Titus Welliver is the leader of the government goons (who wear military type sports cars) in pursuit of Cade, and Kelsey Grammer in the role of director of counterintelligence government Harold Attinger, should be the main human antagonist.

The same principle is at the scene we saw being round set (objects and cars suddenly floating in the air) and Bay showed us on the computer a grand scene of action by the sea, still in preview stage, in which a transatlantic begins to levitate out of the water and through an avenue in front of the car fleeing the protagonists.